Divine Revelations

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We are working on producing an international standard movie based on all revelations of Hell and Heaven!Movies is one area that has really been exploited by satan to destroy God’s children ...
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Colorado State University may want to consider changing their name to “Cruelty State University.”As a freshman at Colorado State University and a member of the Rams Organizing For Animals Rights ...
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While watching Lisa Vanderpump’s popular reality show, I was sickened to learn about the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. This festival is cruel and hideous. It started in 2010 and has ...
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Cause to Office of the Pardon Attorney
Clemency for Michael Pelletier – Serving Life for Pot!
When my brother, Michael Pelletier, was 11 years old, he lost the use of his legs in a tractor accident on the family potato farm in Madawaska Maine, just below ...
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