Help GLOFIRE Publish A Quarterly Magazine for Free Distribution
It is a great privilege to participate in the ensuing great holiness ...
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Help GLOFIRE Convert Divine Revelations Into Movie
We are working on producing an international standard movie based on all revelations ...
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Get Canadian humanitarian out of North Korean prison!
Cause to Ban Ki-moon
On December 16, 2015, North Korea sentenced a Canadian pastor on a ...
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Westchester County, NY, US
Stop The Slaughterhouse on CSU’s Campus
Cause to Tony Frank
Colorado State University may want to consider changing their name to “Cruelty ...
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Queens County, NY, US
Protection for Trans Youth
Cause to Donald Trump
Dear President Trump and his Administration, I, Cyrus, and my friend Erin are ...
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Beijing, Beijing, CN
Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China Permanently!
Cause to Chen Wu
While watching Lisa Vanderpump’s popular reality show, I was sickened to learn ...
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Apply Domestic ‌Law: Provide Prisoners with Adequate Medical Care
Cause to Mr. Asqar Jahangir
My name is Atena Daemi. By the time you read this petition ...
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San Diego County, CA, US
Create a Constitutional Commission, Develop and Discuss the Syrian Constitution Urgently!
Cause to United Nations
Dear Mr. Secretary General, The civil war in Syria has been raging on ...
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New York, NY, US
Demand that the UN intervene in Syria and stop the violence
Cause to Zeid Ra'ad Al-Hussein
The violence in Syria has steadily escalated since the start of the ...
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Travis County, TX, US
Clemency for Michael Pelletier – Serving Life for Pot!
Cause to Office of the Pardon Attorney
When my brother, Michael Pelletier, was 11 years old, he lost the ...
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