Help GLOFIRE Produce an International Documentary on Hell

Help GLOFIRE Produce an International Documentary on Hell
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We are working on producing an international standard documentary based on all revelations of Hell and Heaven!

Movies is one area that has really been exploited by satan to destroy God’s children through illicit , nude and explicit content. As a convention, we also seek to sponsor end time documentary cum movie based on the bible teachings and prophecies we have received to date which shall seek to inform faithfuls around the world about holiness and the impending rapture.

Right now we are seeking your help to help raise funds to produce a documentary on all revelations the Lord has been giving regarding Heaven and Hell to Rachael, Zipporah, Samsonjude, and Angela Zombrano. We believe that doing a documentary will help many to comprehend the cruelity of Hell and appreciate the magnificence of Heaven thereby encouraging more brethren to live holy lives.

We will need to hire some of the best documentary produce who have experience in producing excellent graphics . Their services are expensive and we also understand that the process of shooting and producing the documentary is very involving.

We will appreciate whichever way you will choose to help us reach the world with the gospel of Christ, with a message of holiness and righteousness.

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Be Blessed! Shalom

September 13, 2018
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Help GLOFIRE Convert Divine Revelations Into Movie


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Zachariah Moses
Zachariah Moses

We need this Documentary to awaken the Church in our day and age

Gedion Mokwena
Gedion Mokwena

I want the kingdom of our Father God and our Lord Jesus Christ to reign and win souls, Amen

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