By Zipporah Mushala-19th February 2018 (Ahab and Jezebel, other Israelite Kings, Pharaoh’s army, Little children, those who don’t evangelize and others in hell) Today, I woke up for midnight prayer with my sister Rachael. As we prayed, the presence of the Lord was so strong in the room that I
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Vision of Open Doors
During prayer,the Lord told me that everyone here in earth has an open door of salvation. He said that everyone, no matter who they are or even what they are doing right now be it murdering a person. The Lord Jesus Christ showed me doors countless doors and I saw
Demon Incarnates Exposed
Today as I slept, I had a dream in the early hours of the morning. I saw many demons running to and fro. They had no time to walk but were running in doing their mission. These demons were as black as night and their blackness was like nothing I
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Spiritual Husbands and Wives
The following is what the Lord revealed to me concerning spiritual wives and husbands. Do you spend time thinking about someone you have never even met. Do you see yourself somewhere with that person e.g shopping and doing all sorts of things together? Maybe you spend hours thinking about what