This time,the Lord allowed the devil to try in all sorts of me to tempt me in order to make me disobey. The battle was harder this time. For you to understand this,you must have read the first one on obedience below. Sometimes, He would test me and just as
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Vision of the Lord Against Playing Cards
The Lord Jesus Christ told me that playing cards is demonic and that whoever plays them makes demonic covenants over their lives. He said that playing cards either for fun or for money is demonic. The Lord told me cards have got demons of witchcraft and that when people play,
FORNICATORS The Lord showed me a room in Hell and on my way to that room, I saw many other things in Hell. I saw people burning all in one big pit. There were men and women and they were all naked. The Lord brought to my knowledge that they
My Experience in the Abyss Today
Saturday,14th January 2017 The Lord gave me a personal feel of Hell. As I was sleeping this morning around 3 Am, a huge demonic spirit about 18 feet fall( thrice the height of someone who is 6 feet tall) came and dragged my soul out of my body and dragged