Rachael: I Saw a Woman in Hell for Committing Sexual Sin
By Rachael Mushala, The Lord showed me a group of demons had been assigned to bring this woman of God to hell. They were so many and they rushed to her and surrounded her. She couldn’t see them. This lady had been in sexual sin before but the Lord had
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WATCH: The Red Blood Moon LIVE
WATCH: The Red Blood Moon LIVE
Obama Reaches a Nuclear Deal with Iran: Pray for Israel!
President Obama on Thursday hailed as “historic” a framework deal with Iran that he said was the best way to prevent Tehran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. The United States, Iran and five other world powers reached a preliminary agreement that would lift international sanctions on Iran in exchange for new limitations
Herbert: Vision of Woman in Hell Torment and Aborted Children in Heaven
The LORD gave me a vision, in this vision I saw a woman in a very dark place with an everlasting torment. Worms kept on coming out from her breasts, ears, eyes, mouth and from the top of her head, a big black snake rounded her waist and kept on