The Fear in Hell

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Hi friends, hope you’re all doing well.

I want to share a revelation the Lord gave me which has changed my perception of everything and made me more determined to go to heaven than ever. There’s only one option for us and it’s heaven. Hell is not even on the option list because its too gruesome. After this revelation, I realised that being alive on earth is a GOLDEN opportunity to set all things right and repent and it must never be wasted. It doesn’t even matter if setting things right will mean you getting embarrassed for some things because that’s the right thing to do. The revelation I’m about to share was in form of a dream and the Lord allowed me to feel ONLY the fear that people who are going to hell feel and it was enough to change my perception of life. The fear alone is not something that can be spoken with human words.

The point of sharing this revelation is not to terrify anyone but for all of us to examine ourselves and see if we’re in the right way. God loves us and He doesn’t want us to go to that place hence the warning.

Joel 2:28 -29 “And it shall come to pass in those days that I will pour out my spirit on all flesh. Your sons and daughters shall prophesy,Your old men shall dream dreams and your young men shall see visions. And also on my men servants and my maid servants I will pour out my spirit in those days.”


“I felt completely horrified of going to that place. The fear was intense and it was a bone marrow fear. It was a fear that fills the blood and sinks down into every pore of your skin. It was like your skin absorbs the fear. The fear was so intense that it was like I could see it. It was a dark dark fear dripping with black blood.”


In the dream, I found myself at a certain place with my sister Rachael and a thought of someone I used to know who died recently came to my mind. At that moment, a spiritual realisation came to me that this person was in hell and was suffering terrible torments. He had heard the word of God numerous times and thought he was a Christian but was living a double life.

As soon as it came to me that this person was in hell,I started feeling the great fear that people who are in that place feel.

I realised that only DEATH will bring to reality the seriousness of eternity.

Many times, people hear about heaven and hell and we imagine these two places in this way and that way. However, I realised that only when you die will the gravity of eternity come to you. You can never know the seriousness of eternity until you’re in eternity itself. No matter how wide you stretch your imagination, it is not possible to imagine the seriousness of heaven and hell.

I realised that apart from what is done for Christ, everything in life is useless. It is just like ashes which have no value. Degrees,property etc are valueless in eternity just like dry crushed leaves.

When you’re in that moment, you realise that you should have lived your life 100% for God in as much as depended on you. The word of God says we should strive to enter the Kingdom of heaven. Luke 13:24-30. For example, God can tell you to get rid of a particular clothing because it is indecent. You may think, ‘oh its not so bad’ and you don’t get rid of it and only wear it once in a while. I saw that such moments are bitterly regretted by those who end up going to hell because of such. We have to obey God 100% as much as in our power to do so.

I felt completely horrified of going to that place. The fear was intense and it was a bone marrow fear. It was a fear that fills the blood and sinks down into every pore of your skin. It was like your skin absorbs the fear. The fear was so intense that it was like I could see it. It was a dark dark fear dripping with black blood. It was a fear worse than any horror movie. It was a cold cold fear. I can not emphasise or describe enough this fear as there are no words that will adequately describe. All the words I can imagine fall far short of what it felt like. At that point, I realised that while hot in hell,there is a cold fear which makes you cold to the bone marrow. I felt like my heart was pounding from my head and would not have heard someone even if they shouted right in front of me. I was gripped with horror.

At that moment, I realised how precious Jesus is and regretted every unkind word ever spoken to him e.g feeling like you’re ignoring my prayers,feel like you don’t care what about what I’m going through etc. I realised that all those were lies and assaults from demons to make you distance yourself from God,feel depressed and leave God.


After that experience, I had another dream where I found myself at a University in my country. I wanted to use the bathroom so I went to the female hostels. As I was looking for the bathroom, I realised that I somehow ended up on the male side of the hostels. In the physical world,they are separate buildings but in the dream,it was like they were linked by corridors and this means spiritually that’s how they are even though with physical eyes, they’re separate buildings.

Since I ended up on the male side,I changed my mind about using the bathroom as it was a male bathroom and decided to start finding the way out instead. However, there were so many corridors and could not seem to find my way out.

Along one of the corridors, I saw a woman in uniform like that of a student nurse and she had a wheel chair and a hospital tray with wheels.

She was standing at one of the room doors and I noticed that the doors of the rooms were shaped like mortuary drawers. That may symbolise the spiritual state of the people who live in those rooms because the word of God says if we’re not in living a holy life, we’re counted as dead. While we’re in our trespasses,the bible says we’re not counted as being alive. Ephesians 2:1-10.

The woman removed a man from one of the rooms and put him on the wheel chair. I noticed
that he was breathing heavily as if panting. Behind the women,I saw 5 people I know through work.

In the dream,it was revealed to me that this woman and the 5 other people were demons in human disguise. Their human-like bodies were a fake cover for the evil spirit hiding underneath. When I meet them, they usually pretend to be nice ‘people’ and put up smiles but the Lord showed their real identity to me.

The man on the wheel chair increased his heavy breathing and suddenly stopped.

I was alarmed and remembered the fear I had just experienced and was horrified for the man. I shouted to the nurse, “Is he dead?!” Is he dead?!” My heart thudded in fear and my eyes popped out.

The nurse ignored me and I saw her quickly wrapping him up in a dark blue sheet and a whitish sheet and ‘she’ put him on the tray and wheels him away. Mission complete. Demons had influenced him to live a sinful life through posing as his friends and making sin look normal and now they had managed to capture his soul as that was their main goal. They had managed to kill him and take him to hell.

One of the five demons in human disguise which remained sat on his wheel chair and one the others started wheeling ‘him’ around. This demon started clapping its hands lightly like a child and said, ‘yeeeeey!’ in victory and looking at my face with mockery. They were celebrating that they had succeeded in taking him to that horrible place called hellfire.

The rest of the demons started looking at me with smiles that looked as if they were about to burst into laughter. None of them spoke a word to me at that time but they all just had mocking gestures. They were mocking that a fellow human being had gone to doom and damnation which is what we as children of God do not want.

Then the same demon which was sitting on the wheel chair said, “you know, when you close your eyes (in death) that is when you realise that all you lived for was nothing” It was referring to that man who had lived for the world and gone to hell.

Matthew 9:37 “Then He said to His disciples, The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”

The Lord is crying out for people to evangelise as the world is perishing. We have the whole world to evangelise to but only countable people who are willing to do this hence people are going to damnation.

These testimonies are not for our condemnation but for us to reflect on our lives and correct the things that are wrong and turn on the right path which is the narrow way to heaven.

For more information on demons in human disguise, please click on the links below





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