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Children December 7, 2019

Bring Up Children in the Way of the Lord

Satan doesn't think your children are too young to learn sexual immortality, drinking, and worldly dancing, take responsibility for the children God has given you! Growing up as a pastor's child,I ...

Hell Torments October 20, 2019

The Fear in Hell

Hi friends, hope you're all doing well. I want to share a revelation the Lord gave me which has changed my perception of everything and made me more determined to go ...

Church June 7, 2019

80 percent of priests in the Vatican are gay: new book

According to the New York Post, a large majority of priests in the Vatican are gay, although many are not sexually active, a new book claims. A total of about 80 ...

Contraceptives and Marital Issues May 2, 2019

Alabama House passes bill that would make abortion a felony

HB 314, which passed the GOP-controlled House on Tuesday in a 74-3 vote, would make abortion a Class A felony, which carries a maximum prison sentence of 99 years, and ...

Satan's Deception October 13, 2018

Inside the Pope’s Reptilian Audience Hall in Vatican City

The interior of the Audience Hall also closely resembles a serpent, strikingly with two fangs positioned over the stage. Both from the stage, and from the audience’s entry way, the ...