Welcome to our Brand

We believe in a future of equality in financial opportunity, where everyone has access to the investment tools to build their own prosperity.

A better future for all

Onus sees everyone’s dream of a better tomorrow whoever they are, the farmers or the white collars. Also, we do understand the difficulties each has to face every day to achieve financial independence.

Brand identity

Our brand identity system expresses our spirits and inspires our behaviors. The current system consists of 9 core elements that help unify and communicate Campoal brand with consistency and clarity.
The essential assets representing our beliefs, values and reason for existence.
A concise verbal expression representing our beliefs of mission and philosophy.
Typeface meets the needs of everyday use and reflects the spirit of the brand.
Key Visual
Principle of using identity elements to maintain the consistent brand.
A carefully built iconography system based on a consistent design language.
The palette represents steadfast and sustainable yet modern, aspirational.
Tone of voice
How brand talks and shares information with people around our brand.
Illustration is our simple way of visualization of the complicated concepts.
Photography reveals how we see, feel, and share with the world around us.

Brand assets

Download official Campoal logos, badges, product screenshots, and executive team photos.
The Campal logo
The wordmark is available in three colors. Use blue or slate on light backgrounds, and white on dark backgrounds. Do not use any other color for the wordmark.

Media resource

People & office
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