Rachael and Zipporah Visions: End Times Christians, Do Not Miss the Rapture!

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Vision of Open Doors
Zipporah Mushala
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By  Zipporah Mushala

I saw demons making darts under the instructions of the devil. This is a warning…the darts where very strong. Then I heard the devil telling the demons that ‘Strike these end-time Christians with these darts so that they can do things they never imagined they would do’ God allowed me to hear and see this so that we may be warned, be alert and prayerful. Already some on this group ( Heaven Citizens WhatsApp Group) have been saying in private that they are going through temptations which are strange. let’s be very prayerful saints

By Rachael Mushala

I was praying in the night, and the Lord Jesus Christ told me again that His coming is extremely near. He’s about to come. But He told me that many Christians, even those living a holy life are going to be left behind, He said it’s not big sins but what they consider small sins and think it doesn’t really matter to God, that’s what I will cause them to be left behind. Then Jesus also told me that we shouldn’t be left behind because Satan has plans for us (Heaven Citizens and those Christians causing destruction to the satanic kingdom.) I saw a vision, and I actually saw the demons Zippo saw in her revelations. They were so huge and rushing to earth, they aimed for those Christians who had been prayerful and had been evangelizing later compromised and remained


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