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Vision of Open Doors
Zipporah Mushala
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By Zipporah Mushala

I was in the presence of the Lord when I entered into the spiritual realm. What I heard first were billions of voices, one yet separate. I heard billions of screams from the pit of hell and from a distance,it sounded as if there were a lot of people each glued to the other and screaming the same thing at the same time.
Yet I knew from the various times I have seen Hell that each one was on their own and they were all screaming different things.
The way I heard them scream reminded me of the verse which says,”Love the Lord your God with all your heart,soul,strength and mind. ” That is how these people were screaming. They were screaming with all their heart,soul,might and strength. They were screaming with every ability that is in them.
I saw the flames double the height of each person and great steam was rising up like waves of water in the abyss. The Lord allowed me to feel how each of them were feeling. I saw that they knew that there was a door out of Hell but they all felt the way one would feel knowing that there is a door out of a place but the keys had been thrown away and they would never get out. They felt GREAT hopelessness.
I saw that each of them had moved towards the door in this section of Hell hoping to get out. They were in their billions standing at the door like sands on the sea shore and each was still in a flame and torments,crying and hoping to get out. They were screaming,”aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!”I saw that the door was a double door and on the middle where the two sides met to close,there was a line of light. That small space had been left on purpose to increase their torment by letting them know that there is some hope out there but you will never get there.
When I saw that, I realised how unfair Satan is by tricking people with these useless passing things of the world,only to capture them into severe torments for all eternity.
When I compared the things of this world to what I saw, they did not even come close to being worth it. No wonder Paul says, I count all things as DUNG.
The Lord Jesus Christ told me, “Have you seen what I am saving you from if you obey me?” “Those people in Hell were all normal people like you. They are not a different kind of species. No. They were all normal people like you and lived a normal life on earth. They went to Church on Sunday,prayed,worshiped and talked about things of God just like you people do now. I gave them various warnings like I give you people now. But they played with holiness. They felt they could choose which parts of holiness to obey and left some thinking they will obey them later. Tell my children that they are not the author of their life and they don’t decide when it ends.”
“Today,this minute when they hear is the day of salvation. Keep your garments Holy so that the devil will not claim you. When you die in sin, I can not help you. Only what is Holy goes into my Kingdom. Tell my children not to take for granted their chances to repent because any time,death can claim their lives. Please don’t break my heart by joining those voices in Hell. ”

Brethren, please let none of us EVER be one of those voices screaming in Hell.


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Taylor Hattley
Taylor Hattley

Hello, I was trying to see if wearing mixed fabric is a sin. Is this a prohibition for new testament believers?

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