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Setup a Broadcast Studio in Zambia and Kenya - GLOFIRE

Setup a Broadcast Studio in Zambia and Kenya

Setup a Broadcast Studio in Zambia and Kenya
Digital Media in Lusaka, Lusaka Province, ZM
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Hello Brethren,

We are ntending to start a broadcast studio both in Zambia ( home to the two sisters) and Kenya ( Zachariah home) to enable us start daily live video conferencing which will be streamed on all social media channels. As you are aware, it costs a fortune to setup a standard broadcast studio, but we are hoping to start at any level, of course with your generous support. A live video broadcast studio will ensure that we reach out more in an overly dynamic world which has seen video emerge as an indepensable medium. Studios in both countries will make it possible for both teams to colloborate in live video conferences. We may not be to see this happen without your generous support . Here is what we are looking at:

  1. Two good resolution cameras and stands
  2. Two sound mixers
  3. Lighting
  4. Broadcast/studio quality tables and chairs
  5. Two lounge seats for interviews
  6. Two fast Personal Computers and Laptops ( with at least 16 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, iCore 7, and 20 inches display)
  7. Subscription to Quality video editing and broadcast software
  8. At least two four technical staff (Monthly stipend for the technical staff , if need be)
  9. Rent, design and setup of the two studios
  10. Subscription to a good network bandwidth for seamless livestreams
  11. Any other incidentals

Download GLOFIRE STUDIO QUOTATION PDF for detailed items

We are open to your proposals and help to see this happen.

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God bless you as purpose to stand with His work

November 16, 2019

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Setup a Broadcast Studio in Zambia and Kenya

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