Demon Incarnates Exposed

Writen by Zipporah Mushala — June 1, 2017 — 3 comments
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Is it okay to use roll on and just normal creams..not bleaching creams, thanks

Rickey Young
Rickey Young Linda Rika. All questions answered. Please pray and ask God about anything. Dressing for women to make heaven, long dress, covered head. Most people miss heaven because preachers refuse to preach the entire holy bible, only, word for word, only, only, his word. Thanks. Bible means what it says. Matthew 22:11-13, guy kicked out of heaven for clothing, only. Ask God for the truth. Thank you.


Its quite hard to live among demon incarnates let alone in the same house. It’s quite hard. Four demon incarnates in the same house. I may not be a saint, i need help but my spiritual senses are opened sometimes. I was able to know they’re demons. Please i need to be prayed for. I need deliverance so much. Even now , i feel lm burdened with a lot of spiritual things. Its not easy.

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